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Fit For A Queen. Woodworking ideas for your home.

Wood Project Inspiration
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...or a king, or a double. Oak columns turn a basic bed into a beautiful sleeper.

Built by a weekend warrior, this do-it-yourself four-poster started with a set of oak columns ordered from a catalog. After making square caps and bases for them, he fastened oak boards to the metal queen-size bed frame he already had. The boards were then fastened to the columns with wood screws, and then for additional strength and a nice touch of style, the column tops were joined to each other with more boards.

After the bed was put together to test the fit, he took it all apart for staining and finishing. For application ease and no-drip neatness, he used Minwax® Gel Stain Mahogany, followed by two coats of Minwax® Wipe-On Poly in a gloss sheen. Applied and wiped smooth with a cloth, it offers polyurethane's durable protection and a beautiful hand-rubbed warmth. When it was all put back together, complete with the original mattress and box spring, it was a palatial sleeping place, and a dream come true.

Project Pointers

Ready-made columns come in several diameters and heights. Check with your local lumberyard or home center or search the Internet for sources. You can also opt for the lathe-turned porch posts often found on Victorian houses, or for antique columns or posts found at an architectural salvage store.