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Wood Project Inspiration

A small investment in traffic-worn pine produces rich results.

A number of years ago, when the owners of a 1930's Colonial enclosed their back porch, they went all out, putting in lots of windows, plaster walls and even wide-plank pine flooring to create a cozy den. Unfortunately, the porch was the heavily traveled route between the house and the yard, and years of footsteps had worn an unsightly trail into the red-painted planks. To bring back the floor's original beauty and highlight its natural grain, the owners hired a well-recommended contractor, and when he was done sanding, all signs of wear and tear were gone. After a thorough vacuuming, the smooth, bright pine was ready for Minwax® staining and finishing.

To choose a stain, the owners dabbed small patches of different colours onto an inconspicuous area. After the samples dried, they picked Minwax® Wood Finish™ Cherry, the colour that worked best with their furniture and décor. The contractor applied the stain with a wide brush, letting it penetrate for a few minutes before wiping away the excess with a clean cloth. After the stain dried, he applied two protective coats of Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane in semi-gloss with a light 180-grit sanding between coats. When all was done, the wonderfully renewed pine had transformed the room, making a once-dreary den a delight to the eye.


If the floor sanding reveals cracks or holes that should be repaired, use Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler. Press the filler into place with a putty knife, leaving a small amount just above the floor surface to allow for sanding. Shallow repairs will dry within two hours. Sand the filler smooth and flush with the wood. When sanding is complete, you can immediately proceed with the staining and top coating.

When it's time to put on the clear Minwax top coat, you'll get smooth, bubble-free results if you use a synthetic lamb's-wool applicator, which is exactly what the pros use; it's available at paint stores and home centers. After applying a coat, close any doors leading to the room and keep them shut for a few hours to prevent dust from becoming airborne and landing on the floor as the finish dries.