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Just save and print the instructions, and have fun! (Adobe PDF viewer required. Click here for free download of the Adobe PDF viewer.)


Adirondack Chair
There may be no outdoor chair more classic and familiar than the one that hails from upstate New York. With its generous proportions and laid-back angles, the Adirondack chair is all about taking it easy. Its sturdy yet straightforward construction makes it a great project for intermediate and advanced woodworkers and even "seasoned" beginners.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 641k)


Hideaway Locker
If your stuff is spread all over and there's just no place to put it, you must need more storage. This hideaway locker is the answer! Made from solid oak and oak plywood, it is designed to roll easily under a bed. This project will give advanced woodworkers more practice in the art of biscuit joinery and in making the stile-and-rail, recessed-panel lids that adorn the top.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 0.99m)

Patio Table
Tired of outdoor tables made of metal or plastic? This table has the richness and warmth that only wood can provide. Perfect for a patio, porch or sunroom, the 44" top features a stunning sunburst radial design and seats four comfortably.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 0.99m)

Coffee Table
This simple-but-elegant piece contains several details that will challenge even advanced woodworkers. From long dovetail joints to legs shaped with a band saw, there are plenty of opportunities to take your skills to a higher level.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 477k)

TV Stand
For advanced woodworkers, this project is a great exercise in typical cabinet construction. The case, face-frame, doors and drawer are great small-scale samples of how kitchen cabinets and many other kinds of freestanding cabinets are typically built.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 203k)

Desk Caddy
This desk caddy gives you the specialized storage features of a traditional secretary desk yet can sit atop any regular desk or computer work surface. Pigeonholes keep incoming mail organized while a variety of drawers hold stationery, pens and pencils and other supplies.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 310k)

Arts & Crafts Table Lamp
With its simple lines, this lamp is reminiscent of early 20th-century Prairie-style design, but beneath its seemingly straightforward lines lies a challenging project for advanced woodworkers that demands precision in cutting angles and making exposed joints, especially for the shade.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 785k)

Desktop Clock
This clock holds a secret chamber under the lid, and its construction involves a few secrets as well. The case is made from 1/2"-thick cherry plywood, which isn't available at most lumberyards. You can simply make your own by gluing together two pieces of 1/4" cherry plywood.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 182k)

Dovetailed Step Stool
Here's a project that's sure to advance your skills while producing a practical, good-looking piece of furniture. The stool's extra strength comes from three different kinds of dovetail joints, which make the strongest connection between wide boards like the ones used in this project.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 323k)

Oak Pie Safe
Build a brand-new antique! This versatile classic goes together fast with biscuit joinery. If you've never made a project of this scale before, or are new to biscuit joinery, this is the perfect place to start.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 311k)

Shaker Workbench
Though the original served as a light-duty workbench in a Shaker community, its good looks makes this piece a welcome addition in just about any room. In a dining room, it will serve handily when entertaining and, if used in the living room, it is a conversation piece. Or you may prefer to simply use it in your workroom for light-duty tasks such as crafts and painting.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 330k)

Computer Workstation
The computer workstation has become the "desk" of the millennium. But even the simplest version can cost hundreds or more at your local computer furniture store. By building our version you'll not only pocket big savings, you'll also have a strong, sturdy workstation for years to come.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 9.3mb)

Contemporary Rolltop Desk
Made from red oak, this stylish rolltop writing desk provides a great deal of service in a small space. Based on a classic rolltop design, the piece includes a large drawer as well as a pigeon hole shelf unit for added storage space. To give the piece a contemporary look, the sides are extended to serve as the legs instead of resting on traditional pedestals.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 4.2mb)

Bedroom Organizer
Designed as a keeping place for CDs, cassettes, school papers and personal items, this Bedroom Organizer is sure to draw praise from all who see it. In fact, don't be surprised if your parents ask you to make another one for them. Inspired by 19th century American furniture, its clean lines make the piece appropriate for any home decér.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 5.9mb)

Hard Maple Kitchen Shelf
Build a place for all that kitchen stuff! This traditional shelf-and-drawer unit can store everything from cookbooks and spices to gadgets and house keys. It's also versatile enough to be used anywhere in the house.

Download Project Plans (PDF; 3.7mb)