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Wood Species

From Cherry to Walnut, learn the special characteristics of different wood types. This handy matrix is a great addition to any wood enthusiast's workshop.

Name Type Uses Weight Strength Grain/Texture
Alder, red hard inexpensive furniture, brittle millwork, interior trim light moderate indistinct, fine
Ash, black hard furniture, veneer medium strong figured, coarse
Beech hard furniture, flooring heavy strong uniform, very little figure, fine
Birch hard furniture, cabinets plywood, doors, veneer heavy strong uniform, fine
Cherry hard furniture, veneer, paneling heavy strong delicate figuring, fine
African Mahogany hard furniture, cabinets, veneer medium moderate figured, coarse
American Mahogany hard furniture, cabinets, veneer medium strong figured, coarse
Philippine Mahogany hard plywood, furniture, cabinets, flooring heavy strong figured, coarse
Maple hard flooring, furniture heavy strong delicate, figuring, fine
red & white
hard flooring, furniture, millwork heavy strong figured, especially when quarter-sawn, coarse
Pine, knotty soft construction light weak straight, fine
Pine, ponderosa soft rim, doors light weak to moderate uniform, fine
Pine, white soft pallet, trim light weak uneven, fine
Poplar hard furniture, cabinets, siding medium moderate delicate figuring, fine
Rosewood, Brazilian & Indian hard veneer, furniture heavy strong figured, coarse
Teak hard veneer, furniture, flooring heavy strong figured, coarse
Walnut hard furniture, cabinets, woodwork heavy strong delicate, uniform, figuring fine